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misconception about other country – story continue from The Image Hollywood Created of Africa

article from The Image Hollywood Created of Africa | Films For Action


Part of reason is this: Majority people never even been to other country or they never meet people from other country. So they have no idea what it’s like living in another world–another country. But media and some stupid propaganda making this huge misconception–that some country’s people are inhuman or even call them as ‘evil’.

Cultural differences became some kind of demonized act. These things, some political leader and media take advantage of it–no, unfortunately these people also brainwashed by media. So they think other country or other culture are evil so they have to destroy–correct them.

Don’t complain they are in dictatorship or inequality issue. You have your own inequality issue and dictatorship–through media brainwashed people and control them. You can’t solve your country’s problem but you can solve other country’s problem???
That’s why you are brainwashed by media.

So ‘invasion’, we called ‘war’.



P.S. A few other factors:
– Travelling to other country doesn’t mean understand other country’s culture–some people know very little about other culture but they said they knew everything.
– Simple fact, media (and government agency) keep reporting that it’s dangerous to travel some country. Think about the other side, if that country is so dangerous, how people live there? Have you ever even thought about this? We are all human being, after all. They are not evil, you know.
– Think about this. Do you think people will even read this? Just unknown guy’s talk, why do people even bother, right?
And do you think people believe what I said? Or people will believe what newspaper, TV and magazine said.
Whatever it is, in the end, people will listen and believe (even follow them) what famous newspaper, magazine, TV said.
Unfortunately, that is the fact.

And this misunderstanding, misconception will continue.



One of truth about the feminism issue.

#needmentalitychange #verysecret
#fundamentalunderstanding #feminism
If guy sleep with lots of girls, we call it very enviously ‘playboy’.
If girl sleep with lots of boys, we call it very sluttishly ‘slut’.
What’s wrong with this world? Nobody understand this. But everyone saying they understand well about the feminism issue.
It became just hot-hot-hot-topic. Not really to understand the issue.

Of course, many people just fell for rubbish news or they just listen and believe them if that is famous.


p.s. If you really understand this well, you can extend this logic(??) to find out thousands and thousands of fundamental problem.

misconception about the language

Before go on, you should better read earlier article ‘One year old or two years old baby can talk??‘ @ July 14, 2014


Koreans poor skills of English (because they spent so much time-something like ten to twenty years or even forty years-for learn English language and they can’t communicate with English at all) came from misconception about the language.

Of course, there have so many other factors which I am not reveal here–but if you understand Korean, you can read it from my Korean blogs like this one.


Some people (probably mother who has a child.. Actually almost all the Koreans) believe that one year old baby can talk so they think they can communicate through talk.

So if they can memorized the word(vocabulary) as many as possible, and then they think they can speak like English native.

I wrote so many things about how to learn English properly. But I can’t help them. Because I can’t change other people’s mind.


One year old or two years old baby can talk??

Someone was asked about “How many words can your 1 year old say?” at Circle of Moms website.

And Circle of Moms website user ‘Mariane’ answered:

In general, increase in expressive vocabulary usually occur between 15 to 20 months.



By 18 months, you can expect him to be able to say up to 20 words. Not all babies, however, …

Quote from’s article ‘When Should My Baby Start Talking?



Below’s quote from article ‘Delayed Speech or Language Development’ at KidsHealth from Nemours website

Your son is 2 years old and still isn’t talking. He says a few words, but compared with his peers you think he’s way behind.

It’s too long so I will skip the part. If you are interested, you can read whole article from below the link.

The Difference Between Speech and Language

Speech and language are often confused, but there is a distinction between the two: ….




So one or two years old baby really can talk or actually he or she is babbling about something?


Paper made in Japan and Germany. Packaged in China.


This is screen shot of someone selling secondhand photo papers through Korean community website.

This is screen shot of someone selling secondhand photo papers through Korean community website.

Japan –(send papers to)–> China –(packaged)–> Korea, Germany -> China -> Korea
** So this product’s selling price is paper price or shipping cost?
So am I buying paper? Or buying for company’s delivery service?

Or company that trying to cheat you for lie where these products were made?

Why this is happening, do you think?


Weird is weird. There has nothing more.

Weird is weird. It can’t be a creative work.

But when Gangnam style became famous, I did know that people start thinking weird can be creative work.
Now you can find everywhere (in internet) these weird thing and they were enjoying hit each other and laugh about it in the movie and TV show.
World became more more weird.

#foolishisthefunniestthingintheworld #foolishisfoolish
If you don’t understand what I mean, you can see very old (black and white, perhaps?) TV comedy show which extinct long time ago. Why do you think that kind of comedy didn’t exist now?

Because people later fount out that foolish isn’t funniest thing in the world and realised that foolish is just foolish, nothing more.

if your society isn’t so barbaric, how come your country always attacking other country?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not big fan of some of Muslim’s practice like women must wear hijab and other dress code and etc. (I actually don’t like it but at least I am respecting their choices.)
And you can argue or discuss about it also fine. But if you talking like that kind of practice is pure barbaric thing to do, that’s seriously wrong with your society. (Should I talk about how barbaric western’s Catholic is? Try to research what Pope or priest done things. You can’t solve the your problem but you are so right to attacking other religion?)

(Of course, that’s how media brainwashed to the people with tagline ‘Muslim is Evil’. And start invasion.)

So if your society isn’t so barbaric, how come your country always attacking other country?
This world became more more pathetic.

I wrote this because I heard when someone describe about the practice with so much hatred in it and surprisingly talk show’s host completely agree on that–It means their producer and people and their channel agree that it is right to hate the Muslim, isn’t it?


I wrote this at 8:42pm 12 December 2013 in my facebook account here.


P.S. Many of western media attacking Muslim. And then so deceivingly put slogan like ‘world peace’. Are you kidding me?

Of course, most problem is people fell for it.



We never ask ‘why’. That’s why our(and your) education system failed.

Logic is the foundation of the certainty of all the knowledge we acquire. -Leonhard Euler

We never ask ‘why’. That’s why our(and your) education system failed.

Korean government and people spent billions and billions dollars to learn English. But in the end, not many people can communicate with foreigner. And nobody ask ‘why’.

I have an answer through my blog. But nobody ask ‘why’ so nobody looking for my blog.
It’s we call the ’21st century’. Really?

Maybe your country’s situation is better. But how much better, do you think?



One of my important topic: Communication issues because of different understanding.

Now I am trying to write about it for the company. And the topic related to the IT(Internet Technology). And of course, I will publish through here but not just yet.


Interesting thing is this topic isn’t only for the IT related company. It will apply to everywhere and every company.

And human society, too.


That’s why it’s one of my important topic. And I will talk about it when the time comes.


Whom am I talking to? If you ask me. To the Europeans.

Rather than Americans.


I believe this super power came from not just army–How do you think they can support(keep that huge) army? From people, isn’t it? It was sponsored by people. So why do they support them? Who gave that idea, do you think?

It’s the media. People were infected by what media was saying.


What you have to know is that I talk lots about American thing but my tweets aren’t for American. I am trying to talk to #European

6:33 PM – 1 Oct 13


Because whether we like it or not. American media dominated whole world nowadays because of internet which about 55% websites are English.

6:40 PM – 1 Oct 13


Many articles here and my twitter account and google+ account’s talks were intended to the Europeans.

It’s not for Koreans. And Americans.