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Conspiracy is just conspiracy. Are you sure?

Microsoft bought Nokia with €5.44 billion which some people-who like Symbian and some of Finnish people-already guessed this will happen when the formal Microsoft CEO, Stephen Elop joined company.


This is the what I wrote about it.

Suspicion on American investor take over Finnish company. @ February 12, 2011
I will quote interesting part:

So people commented on Nokia Conversations blog. And one of story you will see is that “Microsoft bought Nokia for a penny.”

And one of good example comment is this: Lucian Armasu’s reply on article What the Web Is Saying: Nokia Partners With Microsoft @ February 11, 2011 by Ryan Kim

What better way to take over a company as big as Nokia than to replace its top leadership with “former” Microsoft employees. I’m not just talking about Elop here. They are already hiring other former MS employees in top Nokia positions.

And Shaun replied that

Yep. New boss of Nokia USA is an ex-Microsoftie, Chris Webber.


All the Nokians were fooled by …. @ February 12, 2011

Here is the news from Guardian.

Nokia’s handset business bought by Microsoft for €5.44bn @ September 3, 2013 by Charles Arthur
Move by Steve Ballmer moves Microsoft closer to ‘devices and services’ aim and brings Stephen Elop back to Redmond
This is interesting part:

Rumours that Microsoft intended to buy Nokia had been floated since Elop joined the company. When he chose to dump its home-grown Symbian and Meego smartphone software in favour of Microsoft’s newer Windows Phone software in February 2011, a number of Finnish observers accused him of being a “Trojan horse” for Microsoft.


It said “rumours” but if you read my article, I am sure you will agree that it can’t be rumours.


And here is another article.

With $7.17 Billion Nokia Buy, Microsoft Brings Its Trojan Horse Home @ September 3, 2013 by CADE METZ
This article may not interest you but you can read lots of inside story from people’s comments.

I will quote some interesting comments:

user Grayden said:

Anyone paying attention who didn’t see this coming is a moron. People a few years back wondered why Elop was making such stupid decisions at Nokia that kept their business stagnant; they had only to look at where he came from: Microsoft. Said it then, he was a corporate mole intent on deflating Nokia to the point where Microsoft would either exceed them in the smartphone realm, or purchase them.


user APai said:

actually, plenty of analysts did forecast the exact sequence of events, while he was busy carving out divisions of nokia that MICROSOFT DID NOT NEED. people questioned why every move was to microsoft’s advantage.


If there has so many fact, it can’t be a conspiracy but people don’t really try to find the truth.

So I will prove just one thing: “Microsoft bought Nokia for a penny.” is a true statement.

I don’t know much about financial or stock market but I found this:

Nokia is engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communications industries, with over 132,000 employees in 120 countries, sales in more than 150 countries and global annual revenue of over €42 billion and operating profit of €2 billion as of 2010.

quote from NOK – Stock Quote and Charts for Nokia

Annual revenue is €44 billion company. And Microsoft bought Nokia for €5.44 billion.


Here is another truth:

user watcher278 said:

Lol your not stating anything new, anyone who could see, saw this. Nokia valued at 7.17 billion while Skype is valued at 8 billion?! Lol.. Mission Accomplished..


user Diego Muñoz said:

This is a fact: MS pay more for a soft-phone Company (Skype) than for a real-hard-phone company (Nokia)


user SixSixSix said:

They paid way to much for Skype. Seems to me they got Nokia’s phone operations for steal. Compare that to $130 billion for Verizon to buy its freedom or Google paying $12 billion for Motorola (which was also highly maybe even over priced).


If you can really understand, you can see the world more different way.



You can also read this article:  The Grand Elop Conspiracy is suddenly looking less crazy @ September 3, 2013 by Brad Reed



Some people claim that Nokia N8 was really slow on internet.

about Nokia N8 hands-on video from Nokia N8 first-impressions [Video] @ June 14th 2010 by Chris Davies

This video was  linked to some Korean websites and I saw quite number of people commented that this video reveal really slow on internet so I checked them out.
(I also wrote this to comment in that article.)

I have a first generation of iPod Touch 16GB version. And I connected with this website and automatically change to the mobile web version of, it took me less than 1 minute via WiFi.

And when I connected with PC version of, it took me about 1 minute 4 seconds via WiFi.
And iPod Touch doesn’t even download Adobe Flash.

So in this video, Nokia N8 connected PC version of around 45 seconds with more than 3 Adobe Flash file.

Fyi, I didn’t update with my iPod Touch 3.x version. So mine is still 2.2.1.

Not many people realise how important samll things are.

This is just one of example. I am thinking about write in Nokia’s facebook fan page.

Don’t misunderstand me.
I don’t know why he didn’t realise very good example of small stuff. It was a Nokia phone. Not all of them. But quite a lot of them.
My Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was not that expensive but it has very loud speaker, flash light(not only for camera), can take quite good photo, radio and online share which was really easy to upload photo to photo share website. I can talk about so many little things.

But not many mobile phone manufacture take care of that. Only Nokia.
I believe that explains why Nokia dominate almost 40% of phone and smartphone market.

But interestingly nobody talks about it. And Rory Sutherland talks about small stuff but he also didn’t realise it.

I wrote this because I would like to meet someone who really cares about small things especially for mobile stuff. So maybe we can share some thought on this.

Please, treat your customer farily, Nokia.

I think this tweet explain quite well enough so I will quote from my twitter.

RT @2safe: Nokia, you have so many great things going on. But how come I can do anything because I wasn’t in Europe?
3 minutes ago from Spaz

RT @2safe: Oh,come on. You can do better than this. Please,support device based on your product, not based on country.
3 minutes ago from Spaz

I know most of Symbian and web applications are beta stage but why most of them are depend on country. I bought Nokia 6210s which is Korean model name for Nokia 6210 Navigator.

But I am having a lot of problems because of not supported country which didn’t make sense. Because I bought your product, not 100% Korean style Nokia product. Does it make sense to you?

Anyway, I will talk about it later. And one more thing if you wanted to succeed on Korean market, I can help you a lot and probably North America market, too. Because I have a lot of evidence that Korea and North America market were very similar.

You can find a lots of article about Korean mobile phone market from my global mind column but it was a Korean.

about poor handling or overpower handling the ebook on Amazon

This is good article about Amazon has overpower of control the ebooks.
How Amazon Should Have Handled the Orwell Situation
@ 21st July 2009 by Joe Wikert

And then here again, Amazon. Maybe, do better at this time?
MobileRead forums discussion about Harry Potter Pirated Editions on Kindle Again @ 18th August 2009 by poohbear_nc

They have power to taken out book from your Kindle whether you permitted or not. And then they don’t bother selling the pirated books.

They made a lots of money but they don’t work at all.

This is what happening in IT industry. They were trying to dominate whatever they suit. But they don’t want to work properly.

posting from Nokia 6210s

Isn’t it odd that roses are rising up again? Took photos&directly upload from phone


It’s middle of summer but roses are rising up again. Don’t you think global warming is rapidly changing the world’s whether? Sent from Ara’s nokia 6210s

I was so happy to buy Nokia 6210s but…

I wrote about the phone at

I can’t keep up with too much techie style of Korean mobile phone. So I ordered Nokia 6210s.

10:55 AM Jul 20th from

It can’t play the video. And camera only show it in black screen so I have to send back to internet shopping mall for repair. 😦

I took the photo near my home by Nokia 6210s with geo tagging which is tag for map.
So you can see the photo with where I took it.-You have to check out from photo’s hyperlink.

near Sincheongyo Daegu, Korea - Share on Ovi

about the Nokia’s enter the Korea’s cell-phone market

I wrote about that in

near Sincheongyo Daegu, Korea @ 7/26/2009

I took the photo for testing by Nokia 6210s which name is same as Nokia 6210 Navigator.
But my phone’s camera doesn’t show any image just plain black so I have to request for change the phone from seller.

You see. Nokia said that they want to succeed in Korea but a lots of Nokia 6210s seems to be broken down so who wanted to buy it? Do some work properly, Nokia.
People complain about the small manufacturing problems but real problem is Nokia 6210s’ firmware which included Korean version. Because my phone’s camera was work a few times after the using the Nokia Software Updater program.
You see the problem?
And video player doesn’t showing the video, too. But it can only play the music. So it was problem with full screen control.

Anyway, I hope that Nokia do better on Korea’s cell-phone market.

^_~ Ara

Palm Pre hands-on video & T-Mobile G1 vs. iPhone

Palm Pre hands-on video Favorite by engadget

You should check out the Engadget’s T-Mobile G1 video hands-on Favorite by engadget

You can differentiate with T-Mobile G1, iPhone and Palm Pre.
T-Mobile G1’s web browser was fairly fast.
iPhone’s web browser was quite fast.
Palm Pre’s web browser was really fast based on this video.

A lot of people thought that Google Android phone can make good competition with iPhone. But it didn’t happen.
This video revealed possibility of Palm Pre can make competition with iPhone. Because Palm Pre’s user interface looks good and fast response.

WWDC 2008 and Steve Jobs’ keynote

Related article One more thing… (WWDC 2008 officially announced) by AlexRADL at and originally news article from here,

“This year’s WWDC will showcase two revolutionary development platforms, the ground-breaking innovations of OS X Leopard® and OS X iPhone™, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. …
… fully explore the capabilities of the OS X iPhone 2.0 software, including the iPhone SDK and the App Store, a breakthrough way for developers to wirelessly deliver their applications to iPhone and iPod® touch users.” from

That’s exactly what I have on my mind. You can see my article(unfortunately, I only wrote on Korean.) which I mentioned more supporting on platform like Palm and Windows CE OS and application environment.

^_~ Ara

iPhone can have closed caption movie.

There has capability in iPhone and iPod touch but Apple never give any information on this to anyone. Here is websites.

iTunes Adds Closed Captions by Social Edge
Tutorial of how to make a closed caption by Israel Melendez, Jr.
[Updated: SUCCESS!] Non-Handbrake solution for Subs/Captions by Kneeslasher
Discussion about closed caption in iPhone in Handbrake forum

^_~ Ara