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misconception about the language

Before go on, you should better read earlier article ‘One year old or two years old baby can talk??‘ @ July 14, 2014


Koreans poor skills of English (because they spent so much time-something like ten to twenty years or even forty years-for learn English language and they can’t communicate with English at all) came from misconception about the language.

Of course, there have so many other factors which I am not reveal here–but if you understand Korean, you can read it from my Korean blogs like this one.


Some people (probably mother who has a child.. Actually almost all the Koreans) believe that one year old baby can talk so they think they can communicate through talk.

So if they can memorized the word(vocabulary) as many as possible, and then they think they can speak like English native.

I wrote so many things about how to learn English properly. But I can’t help them. Because I can’t change other people’s mind.



One year old or two years old baby can talk??

Someone was asked about “How many words can your 1 year old say?” at Circle of Moms website.

And Circle of Moms website user ‘Mariane’ answered:

In general, increase in expressive vocabulary usually occur between 15 to 20 months.



By 18 months, you can expect him to be able to say up to 20 words. Not all babies, however, …

Quote from’s article ‘When Should My Baby Start Talking?



Below’s quote from article ‘Delayed Speech or Language Development’ at KidsHealth from Nemours website

Your son is 2 years old and still isn’t talking. He says a few words, but compared with his peers you think he’s way behind.

It’s too long so I will skip the part. If you are interested, you can read whole article from below the link.

The Difference Between Speech and Language

Speech and language are often confused, but there is a distinction between the two: ….




So one or two years old baby really can talk or actually he or she is babbling about something?


We never ask ‘why’. That’s why our(and your) education system failed.

Logic is the foundation of the certainty of all the knowledge we acquire. -Leonhard Euler

We never ask ‘why’. That’s why our(and your) education system failed.

Korean government and people spent billions and billions dollars to learn English. But in the end, not many people can communicate with foreigner. And nobody ask ‘why’.

I have an answer through my blog. But nobody ask ‘why’ so nobody looking for my blog.
It’s we call the ’21st century’. Really?

Maybe your country’s situation is better. But how much better, do you think?



Language problem in Google Inc.

Recruit title is “..Veteran Intern – Seoul”. How many university years do they have? What? 10 years to graduate?


Looking for friendly chat partner (Sangildong, Gangdonggu, Seoul)

* I’ve found chat partner already so I will remove advertisement. So this is just for the record.


This is how I find tutor for my learn English properly (Korean) blog‘s practitioner.

I put advertisement at seoul.craigslist.



ad web address: (removed)

Date: 2012-10-23, 3:32PM KST

I don’t call it as tutoring because it wasn’t conventional tutoring thing in Korea.
All you have to do is meet and talk to them. Of course, sometimes you can go out together.

prefer to someone who doesn’t have any teach English (in Korea) experience:
I would prefer to someone who just arrive in Korea because I am not allowed to teach Korean education style such as teach grammar and slang and not-much-useful idioms and so on.

When we met first time together, I will explain everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Who I was looking for:
I would prefer to find someone who came from one of European country but this is their first time tutoring so I should better find native English speaker.
So I would prefer Australian, Canadian, Scottish, Irish or English with not so strong accent.
And someone who was living in Sangildong.

Who you gonna chat with:
a lady(I think she was forty-something years old) and her daughter who was second year in elementary school, I think.

You should chat with them for twice week around three to six hours in total. And they will pay around 20,000won for an hour.
When we met, we will discuss more detail such as hourly pay can be change to each session and how frequently go out together and so on.

So right person for this friendly chat would be someone who just arrived in Korea and interest in learn and experience about Korea and Korean culture.

– Location: Sangildong, Gangdonggu, Seoul
– Compensation: around 20,000won per an hour
– This is a part-time job.

Isn’t it funny? (about my English)

Yes, I know that my writing wasn’t that good. But when did I say that I can write English better than Native English speaker? Are you crazy or what?
How can I someone learn one language for 6 to 10 years and then he or she can write and speak better than Native English speaker? Are you dreaming?

Even my Korean writing skills are quite poor because I haven’t study well when I was in high school. So if someone can speak Korean as second language but writing was very poor, I will credit for that. Because I know that learn a language as second language wasn’t easy thing.

I wrote ‘about secondhand stores in Korea‘ and then lots of people complained about my grammar and wrong vocabulary.
Later on, I read it again that writing and then I realized that it was really poor. Yes, I know that.
But what’s the problem? I should be far better than Native English speaker? That’s why I said ‘So what?’.

I will show you this. Whatever I wrote here, it will publish at my‘s account. So when I wrote ‘vegetarian food for Korean word‘, my American friends didn’t mention anything about English. Can’t you see the your problem?

I will say this again. If you don’t know anything about learn English AS second language, you should learn and research and then you can talk to me about my grammar or vocabulary.
I don’t want to give you a free lesson. So go away quietly, if you want to fuss about my English.

^_~ Ara

reality of Korean’s English communication skill

I saw a group which name is Daegu Friendship Club in and I was glad about their effort. But, I would like to let them know the reality so I wrote an article here

I wrote this because I would like to help their activities.

Topic name : Please read this, if you are Korean.
I don’t know why I am doing this but you have to see reality of Korean’s English skill.
This group’s admin, Daegu Central offer the friendship to the Daegu citizens but how is it going to happen? Because foreigners can’t communicate with Koreans. That is the truth.

If you don’t want to believe me, I will tell you other story. I have been check out a lot of group in facebook but I couldn’t find any active group with many Koreans. I know there has a lot of active group, if most of them are foreigners or American-Koreans.

I believe you probably join facebook for learn English so I hope you should learn English properly.
If you are interested in learn English properly, you can see article here

^_~ Ara

‘The Real Korea’ from’s South Korea network 2

I copied some of the post because doesn’t keep the post long time.

Someone replied to your post on Apr 18, 2008 at 7:28 AM
well I can’t write well as you. I’m just a English student. And It mean I dont know English very well. And even, I’m not sure I understood your writing.
But I wanna say culture is just culture. Nobody cant change artificiality.
the culture always absorbs other culture. and It changes itself. Not just about foreign people or their culture. Lot of other slang languages are broadcast on TV. And It distory our culture? No I dont think so. It is just changeing. We don’t know how it is changeing. And we cant say it’s good culture or not. it’s just culture.

You replied to someone’s post on Apr 18, 2008 at 7:48 AM
Thanks for reply.

You didn’t much understand what I was saying so I won’t talk then. But, I think you should know what the exact meaning of ‘slang’.
Here it is – Slang consists of words, expressions, and meanings that are informal and are used by people who know each other very well or who have the same interests. (2006, Collins Cobuild dictionary)

^_~ Ara

‘The Real Korea’ from’s South Korea network

I copied some of the post because doesn’t keep the post long time.

someone wrote on Apr 6, 2008 at 2:29 PM.
Itaewon looks like shit now.
English fills Korea.
Korea is becoming westernized because all these white fucks keep coming in trying to fuck our women.
They come to “teach” english. They come to “learn” about our culture because they “like” our culture.
Yeah right. Look at what happened to Japan. You got white nerds with Japanese names thinking they are more Japanese or asian than asians.

You got American Marines in Korea causing trouble and you got western businesses taking over.

Good Korean land is bought off to the rich white man. Korean women get swindled by the sweet talk that white men are so good at.

Hollywood has made the white man, whether he is a nerd or a fag, a “hot” man.

Look at this. I join the South Korean network, and this place is crawling with rednecks and wiggers and yellow-fevered horny white guys trying to “teach” english tryna get some pussy.

revolution is near muthafuckas

You replied to post on Apr 11, 2008 at 8:39 AM.
Shall we do some reality check here?
Who blame to who?
Who want to be fuck? Was it white man or (I will borrow your expression.) our women?

Hollywood made the white man as hot man? Who made that kind of brainwash(It wasn’t proper expression but if you are Korean, you will understand what I mean.)? Was it hollywood or our Korean broadcast channel?

I will ask very simple question. Why that muthafuckas do that? Because,,, because Korean woman looking(or wanted) for it. It is very simple economic(I don’t know what the proper name is.) rule. Why there has product? Because people wanted that product.

If you really want to do something about it, you should go learn more(our real Korean culture and society and real Korea), study more and then teach to the Korean men and women, first.

You can see so many Koreans learn very very bad things and problem is that they don’t know that is bad thing. I can’t tell you everything(because I have to do something about it.) but I can make a few examples of it. I was shocked when I was watching Korean broadcast.(Because I haven’t been in Korea for 6 years and rarely I am watching TV.) Comedian or some entertainer said that ‘Oh, my god.’ or some show program show some guy using the English name. Have you ever thought about why they doing it?

I can’t remember what the name of the show and then they asked some American-Korean entertainer(or who was staying US for long time when he was baby or kid) that what is useful English expression(or similar kind). And you know what he said? ‘Bro'(or with something) and then TV showing the ‘The fast and furious 2’ or something and then repeated a lot of ‘Bro’ scene. Did you even bother about this? US or UK people complaint about too much slang on their TV but we Korean suggested to use more slang on TV.

Ok. Let’s see here. Why the hell people using Korean name as reverse order? Why they do that? Do you even understand why am I say this? If you write the Korean name to English, it sill is Korean name and Korean language. So grammatically, follow the rule of foreign language so your name must be same sequence as Korean. So my name should be always same order like ‘Seong pill kon’. It can be change only if they were born in America or immigrant there.
I will make quick example. Gang is river. ‘River Han’ was used some movie and newspaper. So have you ever seen any newspaper say that “Gang Han”? No, right? Why? Because it is foreign language so follow the same sequence “Han gang”. But why don’t we use this rule to our name? Why?

That is the reason I say you should learn more. It is nothing to do with foreigner. It is all OUR problem, not theirs.

someone wrote
13 hours ago.
There are a lot of offensive statements in this thread. In particular, I think that Simon needs to grow up. Blaming everyone else, including your own people, means that you can’t take responsibility for yourself and your problems. Maybe someone has treated you harshly for being a Korean and now you are out to get the “liberals.” That’s great. Nobody is impressed.
If the Koreans didn’t want Western people here, they should not be hiring native speakers in droves.
If the Koreans want to participate in the global economy, they need to learn English. This is the only way for a developing country.
I came here because I studied ESL in college and decided to become an ESL teacher. I looked at many countries and decided on Korea because of the pay. I came here for the job, because I want to teach.
I did not come for sex or drinking. I think that it is really disgusting to see so many college graduates using this time to party. It certainly lends to a negative stereotype.
Since I have been here, I have tried to study Korean every day, for survival and because of a genuine interest in Korean language and culture.
The Korean people that I have met have been overwhelmingly kind and friendly to me, probably because I try to speak Korean, dress appropriately, and do not walk around on the streets with a soju bottle in my hand. I have learned to bow to my elders and act in a respectful way, even if someone is treating me with disrespect.
I can’t do anything about people who came here to have a vacation from their lives in Western countries and just want to pick up Korean women and drink a year away. Yet I have to face discrimination because of this. The fact is that there are immature people everywhere, not just here. You can chose the make the most of your experiences or not.
It’s disappointing. It might be avoided if Koreans tried to hire people who have backgrounds in English or education, people who actually want to be teachers. This might not be economically feasible.
I’m sorry that I don’t know more Korean, but I’m learning every day. I’m sorry that I don’t understand many aspects of the Korean culture, but I’m learning every day.
The Koreans will find a way to preserve their culture. The world is changing. Everything changes. Get over it and move on.

You replied to post 17 minutes ago.
I am very glad to hear your story.
Yes, I know I can find a lot of foreigners like you.

Anyway, if you read my previous post, you will know what really problem is. I am really harsh on Korean but truth should be come out. Here, you can’t find a lot of Koreans who living in Korea so technically they don’t know much about Korean culture.
Secondly, they were too young to know things properly.
Thirdly but most importantly, that person wasn’t born or treated like average Koreans. What I mean is that if you met Korean who spoke fluent English, he probably went to US when he was young(like kid or baby). His parents should extremely rich and he never learn normal(average) Koreans lifestyle. So they don’t know much about Korea.
You will see a lot of Koreans here thinks that he knew Korea but that was not real Korea. It is their imagination or from the television.

You think I was wrong but you can find very simple example from this post. First page, you can see my post and nobody reply my post but they reply everything else. Why? Because they don’t know anything about what I wrote. So what do they know about Korea.

It is sad that Korean do very wrong way to learn English so they will not improve.(You might say they can improve but you almost can’t find someone spoke English fluently when he or she started learn English after 20 years old.) Problem is that you almost can’t find Korean who explain real Korea and Korean.

That’s why I don’t really post here because I can see a lots of wrong statements here. And I was too tiring to explain to them. No point to explain also because a lot of them don’t even understand.(You can see one good example from my previous post which is Korean name thing and that I wrote here before. At the time, I’ve got very wrong answer-statement or idea or whatever- from Korean-American or Korean.)

^_~ Ara

Topic in – None of my Korean friends call me ‘pll kon seong’ but why would I want to foreigner call me ‘pill kon seong’?


So every body call me my name for ‘Seong pill kon’. Isn’t that a wise decision?
I wrote my Korean blog about this issue – 이름을 영어로 표기하는 방법
But, a lot of Koreans still use either way. Please, read my blog’s article and think wisely.
Think about very carefully.. What was your name for?

If you would like to have some special name, there has a nickname right? That’s what nickname for. So you can use nickname instead of changing your real name like me. So sometimes I can write ‘Ara Seong’ because if I said to Korean that my nickname is ‘Seong Ara’, Korean will imagine meaning of my name and laugh at it-When I thinking about it, I admit it that I laugh, too. So I will probably use just ‘Ara’ to Korean.

^_~ Ara