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misconception about other country – story continue from The Image Hollywood Created of Africa

article from The Image Hollywood Created of Africa | Films For Action


Part of reason is this: Majority people never even been to other country or they never meet people from other country. So they have no idea what it’s like living in another world–another country. But media and some stupid propaganda making this huge misconception–that some country’s people are inhuman or even call them as ‘evil’.

Cultural differences became some kind of demonized act. These things, some political leader and media take advantage of it–no, unfortunately these people also brainwashed by media. So they think other country or other culture are evil so they have to destroy–correct them.

Don’t complain they are in dictatorship or inequality issue. You have your own inequality issue and dictatorship–through media brainwashed people and control them. You can’t solve your country’s problem but you can solve other country’s problem???
That’s why you are brainwashed by media.

So ‘invasion’, we called ‘war’.



P.S. A few other factors:
– Travelling to other country doesn’t mean understand other country’s culture–some people know very little about other culture but they said they knew everything.
– Simple fact, media (and government agency) keep reporting that it’s dangerous to travel some country. Think about the other side, if that country is so dangerous, how people live there? Have you ever even thought about this? We are all human being, after all. They are not evil, you know.
– Think about this. Do you think people will even read this? Just unknown guy’s talk, why do people even bother, right?
And do you think people believe what I said? Or people will believe what newspaper, TV and magazine said.
Whatever it is, in the end, people will listen and believe (even follow them) what famous newspaper, magazine, TV said.
Unfortunately, that is the fact.

And this misunderstanding, misconception will continue.



Whom am I talking to? If you ask me. To the Europeans.

Rather than Americans.


I believe this super power came from not just army–How do you think they can support(keep that huge) army? From people, isn’t it? It was sponsored by people. So why do they support them? Who gave that idea, do you think?

It’s the media. People were infected by what media was saying.


What you have to know is that I talk lots about American thing but my tweets aren’t for American. I am trying to talk to #European

6:33 PM – 1 Oct 13


Because whether we like it or not. American media dominated whole world nowadays because of internet which about 55% websites are English.

6:40 PM – 1 Oct 13


Many articles here and my twitter account and google+ account’s talks were intended to the Europeans.

It’s not for Koreans. And Americans.


Polite isn’t real thing, she says.

Twitter user @MelissaStetten tweeted this:

I love when people stop being polite and start getting real.
1:49 AM – 19 Apr 13


I know she is trying to make things in a fun way so it probably wasn’t mean that. But it could be general-more specifically, part of general, not whole general of general-view of people’s.



Anyway, this is my reaction from that thought:

So polite isn’t real thing. It means human nature is full of impoliteness!? Oh, American media, you ruined whole human nature.