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misconception about the language

Before go on, you should better read earlier article ‘One year old or two years old baby can talk??‘ @ July 14, 2014


Koreans poor skills of English (because they spent so much time-something like ten to twenty years or even forty years-for learn English language and they can’t communicate with English at all) came from misconception about the language.

Of course, there have so many other factors which I am not reveal here–but if you understand Korean, you can read it from my Korean blogs like this one.


Some people (probably mother who has a child.. Actually almost all the Koreans) believe that one year old baby can talk so they think they can communicate through talk.

So if they can memorized the word(vocabulary) as many as possible, and then they think they can speak like English native.

I wrote so many things about how to learn English properly. But I can’t help them. Because I can’t change other people’s mind.



One year old or two years old baby can talk??

Someone was asked about “How many words can your 1 year old say?” at Circle of Moms website.

And Circle of Moms website user ‘Mariane’ answered:

In general, increase in expressive vocabulary usually occur between 15 to 20 months.



By 18 months, you can expect him to be able to say up to 20 words. Not all babies, however, …

Quote from’s article ‘When Should My Baby Start Talking?



Below’s quote from article ‘Delayed Speech or Language Development’ at KidsHealth from Nemours website

Your son is 2 years old and still isn’t talking. He says a few words, but compared with his peers you think he’s way behind.

It’s too long so I will skip the part. If you are interested, you can read whole article from below the link.

The Difference Between Speech and Language

Speech and language are often confused, but there is a distinction between the two: ….




So one or two years old baby really can talk or actually he or she is babbling about something?


Paper made in Japan and Germany. Packaged in China.


This is screen shot of someone selling secondhand photo papers through Korean community website.

This is screen shot of someone selling secondhand photo papers through Korean community website.

Japan –(send papers to)–> China –(packaged)–> Korea, Germany -> China -> Korea
** So this product’s selling price is paper price or shipping cost?
So am I buying paper? Or buying for company’s delivery service?

Or company that trying to cheat you for lie where these products were made?

Why this is happening, do you think?


One of my important topic: Communication issues because of different understanding.

Now I am trying to write about it for the company. And the topic related to the IT(Internet Technology). And of course, I will publish through here but not just yet.


Interesting thing is this topic isn’t only for the IT related company. It will apply to everywhere and every company.

And human society, too.


That’s why it’s one of my important topic. And I will talk about it when the time comes.


This is what I wrote to myself and this is how I change my mind.

I found this writing in my Google Drive which formerly known as Google Docs.

screenshot of my Google Drive folder

screenshot of my Google Drive folder

I didn’t write much in my Korean blogs but it didn’t mean I don’t write. What you have to know is that I have written thousands and thousands of notes (mainly ideas) everywhere in my hard disk’s folder and smartphones which are Nokia N97 mini, Nokia N8, Motorola Milestone and so on.

I haven’t found way to organize my ideas in suitable way yet so when I found something like this, I feel like doing a treasure hunt.

Anyway, I wrote this at 20:49pm November 27, 2010.


I didn’t write anything for long time. So I was thinking about the reason and realise that I was lazy. Yes, I was lazy.
But there has other reason.

Whatever I write about something and problem is that not many people understand what I am saying. No. Truth is almost none of people could understand what I am saying.
That makes me tiring and pointless. And even useless.

I need to something that makes me feel good about what I am doing. But that wasn’t possible.
Or that was easy. Just don’t expect too much. Just expect very little.

That’s the only way.

This is a life. Living a real life shouldn’t expect bigger thing like that. So I must change my mind.


Indeed, I changed my mind. I didn’t expect anything from them so I’m happy with what I am doing.

That, you can call it ‘enlightening’.


Seoul, Insadong’s redevelopment(concrete-ization) already begun long time ago…

article: Goodbye, Insa-dong? @ September 2, 2013 17:13 by Andrew Salmon /via Emre Kanik@fb


It is really unfortunate thing. But Insadong’s redevelopment(concrete-ization) already begun long time ago…when the Starbucks landed that village.
Because 99.9999% of Koreans prefer to Starbucks than Korean traditional tea house.


How to recognize that weird feeling again.

This is actually what I wanted to comment on my earlier post When people abroad to Korea, people became more like zombie. Why? @ May 20, 2013


It was kind of pointless to say. Because not many people can recognize what is naturally posed or weirdly posed. Or wear cloth in a clumsy or awkward way.

Okay. I will tell you one more example. They even change their faces in a very weird way. I hope you knew Korea’s plastic surgery was very popular in Korean society. You can see some example here.


If you can’t recognize it, you must try to analyse one small part and go other small part. Or you must remember when you arrived first time in Korea and think about the impression. I am sure it would be weirdness.
And you should keep imagine that feeling.

You will slowly gain the ability to recognize the weirdness. It is not easy task. But if you do that, you will see things better. i.e. some photographer will say ‘You have good eyes’ because you will recognize the things that not many people recognize.
Of course, if you have already get familiar (or even comfortable) with that weird pose or weird cloth or weird body language, you will never recognize. I mean it will take really and really long time to recognize.


If you are Korean and want to recognize, I can suggest to read my Korean blog and try to follow the 아라의 영어 제대로 배우기 블로그(learn English properly). It will take long time though.


p.s. It was very brief idea because I will talk about these things my other blogs.


Too expensive to buy the foreign book and magazine in Korea.

I’m trying to learn photography so I found the book which I could learn many things about the photography.

I prefer to read books from my e-ink Kindle and nowadays I almost read all the books from it. But this book has many photos which I think it could be better read from real paper so I thought about buying one.

But I can’t afford it.

Korean bookstore sell this book for 45,300 to 49,530 won which about 43 to 43.81 us dollars. And meanwhile sell this book for $25.08, $12.39 for kindle edition and start from $17.98 in used book.

screenshot of’s The Art of Photography book page and Daum book cost comparing website

I am not just big fan of open source software. I do things like that, too. I have written so many things in Korean language and anyone can free to read. Almost all my work include writing, speeches, videos and photos are under creative commons license. I know I don’t allow to do modification of my work and commercial uses of my work but there has so many reasons behind it which I will talk about some other day.

So I don’t like book and magazine’s price is expensive. Actually my philosophy is anyone can free to read the book and access the internet, too.

I probably can talk about other books. But why this one?

  • Not only because this book is selling top 2 and top 14 in’s some photography category. And customer rate is 4.4 out of 5 stars.

    screenshot of's The Art of Photography book product details page

    screenshot of’s The Art of Photography book product details page

  • I believe if someone is serious about the photography, this book is ‘must read’.
  • I believe this book isn’t only for photographer. It can expand to other art such as painters, movie maker and so on.
  • Nowadays, so many Koreans are doing the photography but no one knew about this book. And no one try to buy the book, it seems.
  • I have check the public libraries but I couldn’t find the book.
  • This is reason Korean’s art is far behind, I believe.



Other example, Black+White photography magazine subscription cost.

screenshot of Black+White Photography magazine subscription web page and Korean’s website which they sell the magazine subscription

Black+White Photography magazine offer one year subscription for 51 pounds (around 86,744 won) to UK and 64.26 pounds (around 109,242 won) to any other country. And Korean companies offer one year subscription for 231,600 won (around 136.23 pounds) and 246,000 won(around 144.70 pounds).

I know I can order directly from their website and I can buy the magazine from smartphone such as iPhone and Android phone. But Koreans can’t easily do that. So they will never find easy way to improve their photography.

Choose a License – Creative Commons
Creative Commons – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

When people abroad to Korea, people became more like zombie. Why?

Of course, there has so many other reasons. And some of the people didn’t even effect of it.

But this is almost main reason, I believe.

If someone ask to you about things such as artistic things or  people’s reaction (or behaviour) about something, for opinion or what do you think about the thing, you don’t have to think anything. All you have to do is just say ‘weird’.

It doesn’t matter what kind of art form (or cultural thing) you saw. 99 out of 100 of them, you can just say ‘weird’. So if you live long here, you don’t even need any thinking skill.

If you don’t believe me, you can check out Korea’s famous ‘dslr club’ website. And you can see what kind of photos people like and what kind of photos have more people’s reaction than others. You will notice most famous photos are like weird woman (or who pretending like ten-something years old) wearing weird cloths and posing weird pose.

And if you can read and understand Korean, you will get shock because people are saying like that weird cloths and that weird pose are most sexiest cloth and sexiest pose on earth. You will get more weird feeling when you read their comments on the photos.

I didn’t see the photo but one of quite famous (weird) scene expats in Korea have talk about is high-school girl(or possibly middle school girl) wearing very sexy cosplay costume and twenty to fifty something years old photographers (all are man) are trying to take photo of her very competitively in a very weird and pervert-ish way.

If you need more evidence, I will give you one more. You should find any of crowd place where has many Korean couple or family who has three to ten years old daughter or son and try to see what they were doing.

You will see couple are posing very weird pose to taking photos themselves or parents suggest to their kids for posing weird pose-because they learn weird pose from TV or their parents. Not just some place. You can find everywhere, if you look carefully.

This is reason I am trying to avoid them but I am a Korean and living in Korea so I just have to keep saying ‘weird, weird and weird’ or ‘What an weird scene!’

So I don’t need to improve my thinking skill or I don’t even have to something to think about. So I feel like I became more like zombie everyday.

I would (and someone) call it ‘zombinization.’

If you aren’t aware, you could be like one of them.

p.s. I didn’t include photos here because I don’t like put weird photos in my blog. And other reason is that I have plan to write more things about it in my other blog. I will prove with writings and photos. So this story will continue in my other blog.

Language problem in Google Inc.

Recruit title is “..Veteran Intern – Seoul”. How many university years do they have? What? 10 years to graduate?