—– May 21, 2013 updated

I am a writer. And very sarcastic one.
So if you don’t like that kind of things, don’t click and read, please.


My recent writing ideas are part of my other blogs’. So the story will continue in the other blogs.



—– old one wrote at August 13, 2009 15:36

I wrote about myself when I was in Malaysia. It was 18th November 2007.
This is link about me.

I thought I can’t do many things in Korea because Korean wouldn’t understand what I was saying. Yes, it was true so I face that problem all the time.

But I can do something very different so it was my opportunity to do something about it.

So I am writing a lots of article about things that Koreans wouldn’t know much about it. It was too much hassle but I am quite doing well.

Here is my list of Korean blog. It is Korean, not English.

History of my English blog

Xanga http://www.xanga.com/ara21c ->
blogger http://ara21c.blogspot.com/ ->
here https://ara21c.wordpress.com/

I bought Nokia 6210s which is Nokia 6210 Navigator in other country and it is Symbian OS.

I can do a lots of things with it so I will take some photo and upload directly from phone.

I am too busy with writing in Korean so I will write personal stuff here like diary and photos.

But I will talk about a few of mobile stuff, too.

Thank you.


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