This is the reason internet is the future and it will bring equality to human society.

That’s what I believe.

Here May Clipart Be Used Comparison – Openclipart

Their cliparts which were made by people who believe in public domain, are all freely use.

Their explanation about website:

Openclipart is original royalty free clipart, Images, Graphics, Templates, Icons, for unlimited commercial use on posters, presentations, greeting cards, coloring books illustrations, and design.
– quoted from openclipart website

And they also explain their meaning of ‘royalty free clipart’:

Our definition of Royalty Free (the same as Royalty-free) is that no matter how many times you use our clipart, your usage is completely free. You are not billed, charged, or taxed for using our clipart. You do not need to ask us even to use our clipart. You may use it completely free of restrictions.
– quoted from Royalty Free Clipart – Openclipart

‘completely free of restrictions’. It’s marvelous, isn’t it?

And you can follow through twitter and facebook so you can get the new cliparts information and tips.

Anyway, I did know about this website from Inkscape which is an Open Source vector graphics editor.

Why this can help equality issue in human society?

Currently we have issues about the digital divide. You can read details from Wekipedia’s digital divide article.

You can find so many articles related to information divide or digital divide from internet.

It starts from inequality of access the information. But this public domain will make equal of access the information.

That’s why.

Of course, there has many open source projects, too. And creative commons also.

Of course, not only doing that. There has so many Open Source projects going on such as Linux operating system, OpenOffice, Gimp photoshop software, Mozilla FireFox web browser, video player VLC, 3D creation software Blender and so on.

And also there has so many projects or websites follow creative commons to anyone can read and share and adapt to it such as Wikipedia and so many personal blogs and so on.

And I forgot to mention the free ebooks – Project Gutenberg.

These marvelous websites and open source projects will help our humanity. I hope you do believe that, too.


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    Public domain, open source project, creative commons, etc. These kind of things I will talk about here, too.

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