One of my important topic: Communication issues because of different understanding.

Now I am trying to write about it for the company. And the topic related to the IT(Internet Technology). And of course, I will publish through here but not just yet.


Interesting thing is this topic isn’t only for the IT related company. It will apply to everywhere and every company.

And human society, too.


That’s why it’s one of my important topic. And I will talk about it when the time comes.



Unfortunate happen in human society…farewell to the

Whom am I talking to? If you ask me. To the Europeans.

Rather than Americans.


I believe this super power came from not just army–How do you think they can support(keep that huge) army? From people, isn’t it? It was sponsored by people. So why do they support them? Who gave that idea, do you think?

It’s the media. People were infected by what media was saying.


What you have to know is that I talk lots about American thing but my tweets aren’t for American. I am trying to talk to #European

6:33 PM – 1 Oct 13


Because whether we like it or not. American media dominated whole world nowadays because of internet which about 55% websites are English.

6:40 PM – 1 Oct 13


Many articles here and my twitter account and google+ account’s talks were intended to the Europeans.

It’s not for Koreans. And Americans.


This is what I wrote to myself and this is how I change my mind.

I found this writing in my Google Drive which formerly known as Google Docs.

screenshot of my Google Drive folder

screenshot of my Google Drive folder

I didn’t write much in my Korean blogs but it didn’t mean I don’t write. What you have to know is that I have written thousands and thousands of notes (mainly ideas) everywhere in my hard disk’s folder and smartphones which are Nokia N97 mini, Nokia N8, Motorola Milestone and so on.

I haven’t found way to organize my ideas in suitable way yet so when I found something like this, I feel like doing a treasure hunt.

Anyway, I wrote this at 20:49pm November 27, 2010.


I didn’t write anything for long time. So I was thinking about the reason and realise that I was lazy. Yes, I was lazy.
But there has other reason.

Whatever I write about something and problem is that not many people understand what I am saying. No. Truth is almost none of people could understand what I am saying.
That makes me tiring and pointless. And even useless.

I need to something that makes me feel good about what I am doing. But that wasn’t possible.
Or that was easy. Just don’t expect too much. Just expect very little.

That’s the only way.

This is a life. Living a real life shouldn’t expect bigger thing like that. So I must change my mind.


Indeed, I changed my mind. I didn’t expect anything from them so I’m happy with what I am doing.

That, you can call it ‘enlightening’.


Possibilities of revert to old Nokia.

There has a technical term call the ‘laugh track’.

When I was searching something in, I found this American TV show call the ‘Dads (2013)’.

And I thought it could be quite funny idea because someone might have two dads. So I became quite curious about the show and found this tagline “Two best friends. One dad situation.” in’s Dads (2013) page. This could be funny show, I thought.

But not for long.

I’ve found this review from user Narce.

In the first few seconds of this show, I noticed that the “audience” laughed at every line and gesture as if it was the funniest thing they had ever heard.

quote from No, no, no! Not another laugh track! @ 20 September 2013 by Narce

Laugh track. What an amazing term!

So I googled it. And I found out that ‘even in wikipedia has it’.

In some productions the laughter is a live audience response; in the U.S., the term usually implies artificial laughter (canned laughter or fake laughter) made to be inserted into the show.

quote from Laugh track – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

behind story
–but I don’t go more deep down.

I think this laugh track idea is understandable because some people are shy to laugh-Oh, how unhappy life we are having, don’t you think?- and it is easy to make them laugh through other people’s laughing.

But problem is now this money chaser come in to play for make easy money and make easy show. So they try to force you to laugh
they think that people are so stupid that people can’t understand difficult jokes so they try to teach people to when to laugh.

Do you think I am too sarcastic?

Believe it or not. It’s your choice. But you must think about why they were keep doing that rubbish thing?

Do you think they were so stupid that they don’t know that’s rubbish thing?

Your (and my) life wasn’t important than some famous TV shows or stars?!

Someone tweeted this:

RT @MelissaStetten: You know what would suck? Dying yesterday before seeing the Breaking Bad finale.

* She deleted this tweet so you can’t see this tweet any more.

So I retweeted them and write these in twitter and facebook.


This is exactly what I’ve been told everyone. Your(and my) life wasn’t important than some famous TV show or star.
12:03 PM – 1 Oct 13

People are totally wrong way to prioritise the things. This is exactly why book The Tipping Point ruined so many people in United States.
12:04 PM – 1 Oct 13

Because last time not many people are chasing the trend but nowadays everyone chasing the trend. “Trend is everything.” #ftw <– see?!
12:08 PM – 1 Oct 13


If you closely look at the people in twitter or facebook, you can see what people are talking about. I’m sure 90 out of 100 things(Maybe I’m over emphasizing it but…) are all related to the TV, news and famous stars.


That’s why I wrote We are Zombies. Time magazine says so. @ May 21, 2013 before.


When I am writing this post in, I can see the full of blog articles in the Related Articles section about TV shows and ‘Breaking Bad’. It proves that I was totally right–“Nowadays everyone chasing the trend.” is almost ‘fact’.


Conspiracy is just conspiracy. Are you sure?

Microsoft bought Nokia with €5.44 billion which some people-who like Symbian and some of Finnish people-already guessed this will happen when the formal Microsoft CEO, Stephen Elop joined company.


This is the what I wrote about it.

Suspicion on American investor take over Finnish company. @ February 12, 2011
I will quote interesting part:

So people commented on Nokia Conversations blog. And one of story you will see is that “Microsoft bought Nokia for a penny.”

And one of good example comment is this: Lucian Armasu’s reply on article What the Web Is Saying: Nokia Partners With Microsoft @ February 11, 2011 by Ryan Kim

What better way to take over a company as big as Nokia than to replace its top leadership with “former” Microsoft employees. I’m not just talking about Elop here. They are already hiring other former MS employees in top Nokia positions.

And Shaun replied that

Yep. New boss of Nokia USA is an ex-Microsoftie, Chris Webber.


All the Nokians were fooled by …. @ February 12, 2011

Here is the news from Guardian.

Nokia’s handset business bought by Microsoft for €5.44bn @ September 3, 2013 by Charles Arthur
Move by Steve Ballmer moves Microsoft closer to ‘devices and services’ aim and brings Stephen Elop back to Redmond
This is interesting part:

Rumours that Microsoft intended to buy Nokia had been floated since Elop joined the company. When he chose to dump its home-grown Symbian and Meego smartphone software in favour of Microsoft’s newer Windows Phone software in February 2011, a number of Finnish observers accused him of being a “Trojan horse” for Microsoft.


It said “rumours” but if you read my article, I am sure you will agree that it can’t be rumours.


And here is another article.

With $7.17 Billion Nokia Buy, Microsoft Brings Its Trojan Horse Home @ September 3, 2013 by CADE METZ
This article may not interest you but you can read lots of inside story from people’s comments.

I will quote some interesting comments:

user Grayden said:

Anyone paying attention who didn’t see this coming is a moron. People a few years back wondered why Elop was making such stupid decisions at Nokia that kept their business stagnant; they had only to look at where he came from: Microsoft. Said it then, he was a corporate mole intent on deflating Nokia to the point where Microsoft would either exceed them in the smartphone realm, or purchase them.


user APai said:

actually, plenty of analysts did forecast the exact sequence of events, while he was busy carving out divisions of nokia that MICROSOFT DID NOT NEED. people questioned why every move was to microsoft’s advantage.


If there has so many fact, it can’t be a conspiracy but people don’t really try to find the truth.

So I will prove just one thing: “Microsoft bought Nokia for a penny.” is a true statement.

I don’t know much about financial or stock market but I found this:

Nokia is engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communications industries, with over 132,000 employees in 120 countries, sales in more than 150 countries and global annual revenue of over €42 billion and operating profit of €2 billion as of 2010.

quote from NOK – Stock Quote and Charts for Nokia

Annual revenue is €44 billion company. And Microsoft bought Nokia for €5.44 billion.


Here is another truth:

user watcher278 said:

Lol your not stating anything new, anyone who could see, saw this. Nokia valued at 7.17 billion while Skype is valued at 8 billion?! Lol.. Mission Accomplished..


user Diego Muñoz said:

This is a fact: MS pay more for a soft-phone Company (Skype) than for a real-hard-phone company (Nokia)


user SixSixSix said:

They paid way to much for Skype. Seems to me they got Nokia’s phone operations for steal. Compare that to $130 billion for Verizon to buy its freedom or Google paying $12 billion for Motorola (which was also highly maybe even over priced).


If you can really understand, you can see the world more different way.



You can also read this article:  The Grand Elop Conspiracy is suddenly looking less crazy @ September 3, 2013 by Brad Reed


Seoul, Insadong’s redevelopment(concrete-ization) already begun long time ago…

article: Goodbye, Insa-dong? @ September 2, 2013 17:13 by Andrew Salmon /via Emre Kanik@fb


It is really unfortunate thing. But Insadong’s redevelopment(concrete-ization) already begun long time ago…when the Starbucks landed that village.
Because 99.9999% of Koreans prefer to Starbucks than Korean traditional tea house.


Nothing new. And people call it ‘art’, even masterpiece.

This is what I wrote in my twitter and facebook.

Same style of drawing. Same character. Same dark-ish drawing. Again and again. Recent human generation call it art and even masterpiece.

You know why it’s happening? Because they watched too many rubbish-and not so good-movie and think that rubbish movie is the good movie.

Unfortunately ‎brainless movie is the trend. More people are loosing interest in very thoughtful and deep thinking movie.

I’ll just show you what ‎thoughtful‬ and deep thinking movie is.

‎Ruka‬ (1965) by ‪Jiri Trnka