How to recognize that weird feeling again.

This is actually what I wanted to comment on my earlier post When people abroad to Korea, people became more like zombie. Why? @ May 20, 2013


It was kind of pointless to say. Because not many people can recognize what is naturally posed or weirdly posed. Or wear cloth in a clumsy or awkward way.

Okay. I will tell you one more example. They even change their faces in a very weird way. I hope you knew Korea’s plastic surgery was very popular in Korean society. You can see some example here.


If you can’t recognize it, you must try to analyse one small part and go other small part. Or you must remember when you arrived first time in Korea and think about the impression. I am sure it would be weirdness.
And you should keep imagine that feeling.

You will slowly gain the ability to recognize the weirdness. It is not easy task. But if you do that, you will see things better. i.e. some photographer will say ‘You have good eyes’ because you will recognize the things that not many people recognize.
Of course, if you have already get familiar (or even comfortable) with that weird pose or weird cloth or weird body language, you will never recognize. I mean it will take really and really long time to recognize.


If you are Korean and want to recognize, I can suggest to read my Korean blog and try to follow the 아라의 영어 제대로 배우기 블로그(learn English properly). It will take long time though.


p.s. It was very brief idea because I will talk about these things my other blogs.



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