Real problem is people believe money will bring the happiness.

I know it won’t happen like this in your country but you will know how people think about it.

This is how I wrote it in my facebook account with photo:

This is screenshot of

This is screenshot of

You can see the people’s reaction. (51,501 likes, 2,434 comments, 643 shares) And you will find out how much they express their love of mo.ey.

If you think I’m kidding, you know nothing about in this country.

Please don’t share what I wrote here to anyone!

explain the photo: He’d like to live with this kind of wife. Wife who left that money and credit card with note. She saying that she was very shame for driving the small-size car which was produced in Korea so she suggested(??) to buy the new expensive foreign car.

* That’s why you (especially famous people like Dalai Lama, etc) must realised real world.


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