This blog is more like diary. Nothing more.

You probably don’t understand what I am saying because most of people come here for check out my English. Does it make sense?
They don’t understand what I am saying but they wanted know my level of English. It was nonsense so that is why Korea’s English education system was totally corrupted.

Anyway, I don’t have much time for writing anything here because I am really busy blogging with my Korean blog. So if you were interested, you can visit Ara’s global mind column blog or Ara’s properly Learn English blog or Ara’s think logically twitter.

I didn’t expect so much fun from twittering because I don’t like writing sms because of limitation of 160 characters or so.
But now I really enjoyed it in Korean which is update with’s my account.

And then someone followed me so I checked out who he or she was. And then I really enjoyed what he was twittering. He or she is Ralph Wiggum.-You know, I don’t have any idea about any name from gender.- That link is his twitter page.
I can’t writing any English in thinklogically account because Korean can’t understand English. So now I am thinking about make one more twitter account for English.

I am thinking about it but I can’t decide because I have too many blogs and twitter accounts.

Hey, one more thing.
I told you this is more like diary. I am not writing this from Microsoft Word which can check spelling and grammatical error. So don’t complain about my grammatical error.
Think wisely and don’t be an arse.

^_~ Ara


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