Who am I? I am what I am.

I wrote this on my Korean blog http://asrai21c.tistory.com/348 @ 2009/02/21 02:43.

This is not suppose to be here in my Korean blog but I just wanted to say what I wanted to say.

It is not intention to understand what I am saying here by Korean because I want to talk about why I am doing this. I know that you probably find out that who am I based on reading my article here or find out my personal history from Ara’s profile.
But you will never understand why I was wrote lots of things here because I am talking about something else. What I am trying to do here is that revolution of the Korean’s future. You probably think that how ridiculous what I just said.
Yes, it is ridiculously super(??) crazy talk. However, it is possible if you let me talk and if you listen carefully what I am saying here.

I am not trying to convince you. I am just trying to ask you that why do you think that way? People claim that I was wrong but you know I was right. Why? That’s the thing. Why?

That’s the what I have been really doing. Why do you think that he was right or I was right or you don’t know? Why?

I believe that you subscribe(I don’t know what’s the word for RSS reader’s subscription.) in my blog here. Because you probably felt that it is something you can learn.
That’s really good start. Listen… and think… and think. That’s what you have to do.

It is almost eighty-something people subscribe in my blog so I just wanted to say whether you can understand or not..

People never change. But people can change if they can accept(or learn) other people’s mind.
So please be patient and learn from other people’s thought and mind.

^_~ Ara


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  1. 리카르도 on

    Although I can see a lot of grammatical errors in you text, it is my pleasure to find someone who is trying to express his/her thoughts in english.

    It occurs to me that what if there are a place like a metablog where we, who would like to blog in english, can not only share writings but also hapiness which is obtained from trivial but indispensable communications for human being. 🙂

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